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Anti Scuff Non Marking Shift Peg

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Anti Scuff Non Marking Shift Peg

Our new Shift Pegs will NOT scuff or leave a mark on your boots or shoes as rubber versions do.  They are made in the USA from a special blended material designed to have a soft, non slipping surface as well as resistant to gas, oil, water and wear.  It will not weather, crack or decay when exposed to the elements and has a working temperature up to 240° Fahrenheit.

The peg is molded with a 6063 non corrosive aluminum core then oven cured for 16 hours to produce a durable long lasting product.  Due to this involved process you may see slight bubbles or imperfections of the surface that do not in any way affect the performance or durability of the part.  The peg comes with a stainless steel bolt to fasten to your shift lever.

Available in two styles, Ribbed or Smooth.


We off a Limited lifetime warranty.  We guarantee that this peg will not wear out under normal riding conditions.  If it does, just return the peg to us and we will be happy to replace it.

Tips to make your Sportster fit you better.

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Tips to make your Sportster fit you better.

One of the sad perceptions about Sportster models is that they are rough riding and not very
comfortable to say the least. This can be true of some off the rack bikes but it doesn't have to
remain that way.  With just a little extra money and some know how you can make your Sporty
not just fun to ride but very comfortable too.  I know that some of you out there will claim your
baggers are the way to go for spending time on the road.  Don't get me wrong, they are probably
great for long rides or vacations. But most of us don't have a lot of vacation time or the pocket
book to spend on some of the "more sophisticated" rides.  If you really want to take one on a trip,
I'm sure your local Harley-Davidson dealership will be glad to rent one to you at a fraction of the
cost of owning one. But seriously, who wants to carry around all that luggage on a daily
basis? With all that added weight you need the extra horsepower just to get around.
I on the other hand, enjoy a quick nimble bike that can take me around town or out on the
highway every day if I so choose. So back to our main topic of making your Sportster
comfortable and look good too. As with any bike it has to fit your body type, here are a few
things that should be considered if a change is needed to make your ride more comfortable.

· SEATS - Probably the most difficult to figure out without some trial and error. There are
seats designed to move you forward, back, sit lower or taller. Solo or two up there are
lots of brands out there and everyone has their preference. This is what we have found
out about seats:

1. If you have one that is great, KEEP it or buy one just like it. If your old ride's seat will fit
your new one, then swap it or find an eBay or Craigslist seat for the old bike if it's going
down the road with someone else. My Honda's Mustang seat was so comfortable it was a
no brainer for me to buy a new one for my Sportster. Don't forget that a new seat may
also need to be broke in just like a new pair of leather boots. After a couple hundred
miles of seat time you should have an idea of how well it will feel.
2. If its construction is cheap it will probably feel like it in a short period of time. Find out if
the materials used are of good quality. We have found that if a seat's back bone or base is
made from solid material i.e. metal or fiberglass it will hold its shape and support you for
miles. We have not had good luck with those made from materials that can flex or
eventually sag. All the foam or gel inserts are not going to help much on a long ride if
your seat pan does not hold its shape.
3. No one likes to spend money non-stop buying new seats while trying to find the right one
so don't rule out picking up a used one off eBay or Craigslist. If it doesn't work out then
re-sell it until you find the best fit for you. Also, if your friends are willing and have
model years close to yours, try their seat on your bike to see how it feels for a few miles.

· HANDLEBARS - Before making changes to the handlebars make sure you are happy
with the seat. My first Low had such a bad seat that I thought the handle bars had to go
as well. After installing my tried and true new seat I was shocked by how the handlebars
were actually not that bad. Once you have your seat figured out are your handle bars in
the right position for your arms? Do they need to move forward, back, up or down? If
you like the bar that you’ve got it’s not too difficult to rotate them forward or
back. Some can be moved up or down with the installation of risers. There are loads of
bar styles out there and everyone has their likes and dislikes. Keep in mind that if you
replace your stock bars with ape hangers or even another style it may also require longer
cables so make sure you add that to your cost when considering a complete
change. Hand grips can play a big part in comfort as well as style. There are firm ones,
soft or squishy ones, large or small diameter, smooth or textured. It's really a matter of
personal preference. Just make sure you use the proper grips for the diameter of your

· FOOT CONTROLS - You may have already purchased your bike with forward control
and do not wish to make changes. It's not too difficult to switch from mid to forward
controls but it can be pricing. Being short I prefer mid controls but like to stretch my legs
on the highway so adding highway pegs is a low cost solution. Foot pegs also fall under
this category. There are numerous options available; anything from floor boards to
vibration isolation foot pegs will make a difference. It is all personal preference and
depends on your own taste and fit.

· SHOCKS & SPRINGS - This is a big one for those bumpy roads and your bum will
appreciate it to. There are a lot of brand names and options for rear shocks to choose
from and you need to consider how you will be riding the most. Weight is first to
consider, will you be riding solo or two up? Do you desire a performance or touring
suspension? Rear shocks can raise or lower your ride by a great deal. If lowering is your
main objective, keep in mind when you lessen the amount of travel you limit the ability
of the shocks to improve the ride. Shocks have a wide range of prices so do a little
research before spending loads of money. Front springs can reduce the sharp jarring and
also adjust the height, they are a little more basic compared to rear shocks but you must
still give consideration in how you ride to determine the best choice. Front springs are
relatively inexpensive and easy to install.

The above points are foremost in setting up your bike to fit you the best and offer an enjoyable
comfortable ride. We will be working on videos to better explain and show some tips on making
changes for the “do it yourselfers” out there so check back later for more info.

Heel Toe Gear Shifter Sportsters

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Shifter Update

We have Heel Toe Shift levers for Harley Davidson Sportster models on eBay and our website for sale in Gloss or Textured Black for 1991 to 2016 models.  Chrome will be coming soon.


Sportster Heel Toe Gear Shift Lever

We are just finishing our prototype Heel Toe Shifter for the 1991 – 2003 Sportster Models. Designed to fit using standard Harley-Davidson mounting brackets, shifter linkage and shift pegs.  Pictures are showing raw aluminum mounted on a stock forward control with Harley-Davidson pegs.  Our design will be offered in Chrome, Gloss Powder Coat Black or raw aluminum.  We are also working on our design of shifter pegs that are non making on your boots.

Check out our machining video:  Dynamic Motion Programming


Bell Mounts for FL Touring Models are here.

This gallery contains 7 photos.

We now have Bell Mount covers for the FL Touring models to fit years 2009 to 2013.  Dress up the front frame of your bike and at the same time give you the perfect place to hang your bell to

Brake Caliper Inserts!

This gallery contains 9 photos.

We have finished designing and have inventory of CNC machined Inserts for your front and rear Brake Calipers.  Add that finishing touch with a solid metal quality item in Finned or Flat design.  You have a choice of Naked Aluminum,

We haven’t forgotten the Skull and Crossbone crowd!

This gallery contains 6 photos.

For the connoisseur of skulls and all things skeletal we are working on a line just for you.  Take a look at our Chrome and Bronze version of the Lower Frame Mount.  These will fit 1986 to 2014 Sportster models. 

Lower Frame Mount Covers

This gallery contains 7 photos.

Our development department has been working on another version of our popular lower frame mount cover.  The examples you see are for the 2004 to 2013 models.  We will be offering the 883 and 1200 cutouts in chrome or black. 

H-D Iron Options

This gallery contains 9 photos.

Not sure how to upgrade your Harley-Davidson Iron?  We have a few options for you.  If you like the total blacked out look, we offer a complete set of covers in flat black textured to blend with your OEM black

Front Brake Reservoir Covers

This gallery contains 9 photos.

We have just finished our designs for the Front Brake Reservoir Cover for the 2004 to 2013 Sportster models.  We are offering our signature fin design in OEM black, our distinctive two tone finish, chrome, naked aluminum or in 954